Sacha Inchi Oil Charity Package 60ml - RM50 (Donate)
Sacha Inchi Oil Charity Package 60ml - RM50 (Donate) Others Malaysia, Johor Bahru (JB) Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Sacha Inchi Marketing Sdn Bhd
Sacha Inchi, also known as incha peanut, is the seed of a plant that grows in the Amazon rainforest. Sacha inchi has been cultivated and used as a food source for 3000 years in South America. These seeds contain the richest omega 3, 6 and 9, natural vitamin A&E and also high in proteins. This superfood is easily digested and unlikey to cause allergies and irritation. It is slightly lighter and nuttier than other oil. It can become a natural nutritious raw materials for many products. It helps control hypertension, high blood sugar and high cholesterol, bulid up children’s immune system and increase metabolism, fats burn.
**Children below 2 years old, pregnant woman and nuts allergies person are not suitable to consume sacha inchi.

印加果,又称为印加花生,原生长在南美洲的亚马逊热带雨林。在南美洲,印加果已被当地人种植与食用超过三千年。印加果种子拥有丰富的Omega 3,6和9,还有天然的维他命A和E。印加果能够轻易地被消化,并不易造成敏感与不适。相较于其他的油,印加果油的口感更顺滑轻盈。作为一种天然营养的植物原料,印加果能够生产很多的产品。印加果的功效包括控制高血压,高血糖和高胆固醇,帮助提升小孩的免疫系统和增加新陈代谢和脂肪的燃烧。

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