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Sacha Inchi Marketing Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Johor, Malaysia on 12 April 2017. The formation and the concept of Sacha Inchi Marketing is combined with running business while doing charity at the same time. Sacha Inchi Marketing has sponsored and helped a numbers of non-profit organizations such as school, orphanage, nursing home and others.

Sacha inchi is the only known natural plant that contains highest omega 3. Sacha inchi is widely recognised to the benefits of controlling the growth of cancer cells and reduce the percentage from getting a disease. According to the global research and survey, the global cancer rates are significantly increasing year by year.

Sacha Inchi Marketing provides sacha inchi oil as heath supplement in domestic and international areas. Sacha Inchi Marketing adhere the management theory of ‘love wholehearted devout’ with healthy product and charity program benefits the society and the environment. Sacha Inchi Marketing business comprises from agriculture cultivation, product research, development, marketing and sales to other areas. Despite the health benefits of sacha inchi, it is believed to be able to create huge economic value.


印加果是唯一天然拥有高含量的Omega 3亚麻酸植物。直至今日,它的功效已经被证实能够抑制癌细胞的成长和减少患上癌症的机率。根据国际研究报告,全球每年的患癌率正不断快速地上升。借此,印加果油公司以印加果油为首的健康保健品推广于本地与国外市场,以一颗全心全意的心和态度,投入社会,回馈社会。印加果油公司的商业领域从农业种植,涵盖包括产品的研究与发展,以及营销与销售的部分。印加果油的推广与好处被看好将会带来巨大的商业利益。

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